Well you Did it again!

"It's not the agency but the agent that sells real estate! One can list with the biggest and 'supposed best' but if your agent doesn't work for you, the property will not sell, especially in depressed times. 

You spent both your time and money promoting the property, which resulted in a sale. And unlike with the initial 'super star' who never talked to agents who showed the property, you talked to each, learning their clients feelings as to price and etc. I'm confident it was your persistence that ultimately rsulted in the 'contract'. 

Liz and I really appreciate you, your efforts, and integrity. Needless to say we are pleased to recommend you to anyone needing the services of a competent, hard working agent."
Fred C.

"My wife and I wanted to put in writing our recommendation of Barbara DuFour as the best real estate agent we have ever had the privilege to work with. 

Over the past thirty years I have moved my family eight times. In 2001 I was transferred to Memphis to be president of a local distribution company. We hired Barbara to be our buyer's agent. 

When we interviewed her she told us that she worked with executives that moved frequently. She said her job would be to get us into a house we would like, but that we could financially get out of in three to five years. 

In negotiating for the house we bought she bargained for more than I would have asked for. 

We were transferred again. We hired Barbara and Marx-Bensdorf to sell the house for us. Despite the slow down in high end houses, and the decline in market value across Memphis, she got us a great deal. 

True to her word, she put us in a house we loved that we were able to get out of in three to five years. Barbara DuFour is a fantastic real estate professional."

John & Cindy W.

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